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Printing to the highest industry standards

High quality prints do cost more than your regular consumer prints. But the difference in tone, color and vibrancy is breathtaking.
We pride ourselves in having a team which is the best in the business with professional machines which can match our high standards in printing and framing.
From trained color scientist who build and maintain bespoke ICC color profiles for each machine and paper, to real craftsmen and women who create beautifully bespoke frames for our clients every day.
The papers we use are not your regular paper. Our papers are hand picked. The professional papers we use are from the Fuji and Kodak professional range on the C-Type side and from Hahnemühle, Epson and Canson on the Giclée side.
With our C-Type prints you will find our papers are heavier than your standard consumer papers. This is due to the papers carrying a higher density of silver halide crystals, meaning you get more vibrant colors and a quality product that is more resistant to damage and creasing. 
Our Giclée papers are durable and textured fine art papers that hold the ink perfectly and are designed to cut down on any dot gain where the ink soaks into the paper and spreads out causing unintended tonal and lighting shifts and softer images